More ships and OTPs!

As I said on my previous post, today I’m going to continue explaining other ships and OTPs. I talked to you about the first major OTP of mine, but before that, there was something else.


I found this picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Disney-Heroes-Peter-Pan-by-David-Kawena-122697337 a few weeks ago. I don’t know why but, my little friend get excited every time I see something like that: boys, sexy, shirtless or naked, looking naughty or about to do something. So I thought it would be a good idea to keep looking. Needless to say that what I found was like that, but more. All that together created inside me some sort of odd feeling. In case that you’re wondering, this is a part of the rest: https://www.google.com.do/search?hl=es&authuser=0&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=643&q=david+kawena+disney+heroes+collection&oq=david+kawena+&gs_l=img.1.0.0l4j0i24l2.842.5004.0.7628.….0…1ac.1.25.img..1.12.841.JLZEHs3kTqA


Then, it was the turn for last week’s couple. There was (and still is) something about Jack Frost and Hiccup that made and makes me feel happy, and also sexy and naughty. Here are some examples of what I mean: https://www.google.com.do/search?hl=es&authuser=0&biw=1366&bih=643&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=jack+frost+x+hiccup+kiss&oq=jack+frost+x+hiccup+kiss&gs_l=img.3…113071.124008.0.124298.….0…1c.1.25.img..8.15.1133.O5oTqObdcRc


But still, there are worse things. Those were only SOME of the images I’ve seen, and can’t unsee (although I’m not sure if I want to unsee them).

After that I changed to Percabeth, (Percy and Annabeth) from Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series by Rick Riordan. But the fan art arround this couple isn’t as “sexy” as that of Hijack, or Jackcup.

Then, fault of Ukranian artist Viria, I went form Percabeth to Jily.

This is Jily:  https://www.google.com.do/search?hl=es&authuser=0&biw=1366&bih=643&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=jily+fan+art&oq=jily+fan+art&gs_l=img.3..0i19.8293.9054.0.9265.….0…1c.1.25.img..4.1.261.JE9k_2b4_eU

It means James and Lily Potter, parents of the famous Harry Potter, from J. K. Rowling’s book series. So might think that this “nauhty” artists are very smart (They read! Books!) but they’re also very talented in their drawing/painting/writing skills. Becuase yes, they also write, which makes it somehow better, and worse in the same way. And it’s not like that phone conversation I put last time, no, bigger, stronger, harder, better, faster… Ups, I got distracted!


What I mean is that fanfiction could be dangerous (if by dangerous you mean that you’d fall in love with him/her/them, and you’d end up either dreaming with them or playing with yourself while thinking about them, or both.


To make my point even more clear, I will now show you my last sin, my last obsession. It comes from the Harry Potter world, and I honestly wasn’t surprised when I found it. Again, I don’t know why happens that whenever I see partially/totally naked guys, alone or in groups, posing or playing with each other. BUT, I don’t like when you can see their friend. I don’t need to see another man’s penis, either is a photo or a drawing.


This is Drarry (Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter). I’ve always thought they would make an interesting couple. And now, there’s people that, not only think the same way, but made that idea come true. I mean, just look at it!


I hope you could learn something from this post! Ciao!


Tumblr and OTPs

I will not judge you for the tag that lead you here. I’ve done some mistakes as a teenager that want to change, and avoid in the future.

Today I’m gonna talk about Tumblr amd its effects. Tumblr is a really cool blog platform and the difference with WordPress is that this one is more professional, and Tumblr supports GIFs files (aka pictures that move). I follow some artists and funny blogs, but one day I found out about ships (which are couples, of any class), and OTPs (one true pairing, your favorite ship). A very famous
BROTP (from brotherhood, or friendship) is the Big four, which are Merida (Disney’s “Brave”), Rapunzzel (“Tangled”), Hiccup (Dreamworks’ “How to Train your Dragon”) amd Jack Frost (“Rise of the Guardians”). Another interesting thing about ships is that they have speciffc names, created from the combination of the two people’s name. Example: Jack + Merida = Jarida. I thought it was cute, and a little bit weird, untill I found that Jack Frost and Hiccup (a male, BTW) are a ship! A gay ship! Boy to boy thing!

Fans don’t only do that, they also make their own art (fan art) and their own piece of writing (fanfiction). If the artist is… let’s say horny, or excited, you would fine sexy fan art or sexy fanfiction. And by sexy I mean something worse than what you imagine. I don’t know why, but when I saw those two boys kissing or playing, I couldn’t help but like it, and I honestly felt good when seeing them.

The situation reached its climax when one day I started reading some sort of fanfiction. It was a collection of screenshots from and iMessage conversation from and iPhone between two girls. The conversation was kind of like this:
-Do you imagine Hiccup as a stripper.
-Dancing around the pole. With people screaming his name.
-Oh, no! I’m imagin older and sexy Hiccup.
-Spinning around. With those fur boots. And a fur pantie. And he takes it off and continues dancing. Until he gets tired. He then goes to a bar. And looks to a guy. His name is Jack.
-Oh, no! I see where this is going.
-And they talk. And go upstairs. To Hiccup’s bedroom. And he takes off his fur coat. And Jack sees how hot he is underneath that. And then they have amazing sex. And then more. And they woke up together, smiling.

It’s actually longer, with more details, but that is all I want to remember. Needless to say I play with myself that day, and the next day I redid the scene but with Jack as the stripper, amd it also lead to me-game after that.

Hijack and Jackcup are two of the many names this ship has, and it was my OTP for quite a while. But it was too dangerous to me, so I jumped from that ship, althougj I still have some wild thoughts with both of them. Even though it was funny, interesting, excited and GOOD, I needed, and still need, to stop.

There are other ships I will talk about later. Ciao!


Ups, I did it again!

I think with that title you already know. I didn’t even notice when it happened; it was painless.

If you’re new, I use this blog to express myself, because I’m tired of playing with myself, and I really want to stop. And it has been helpful, but today things took a weird direction.

I thought it would be good for me and healthy to exercise a little bit. I started doing sit-ups and I couldn’t help but thinking that I was doing a “sexy movement”. I was doing them in the middle of my room, but then I look an intersting corner. But it wasn’t a normal corner, it was that of a hallway that room has, so I had the sharp side in front of me. I continue normal, without touching the wall, sitting and upping; but then I thought it would be funnier if I touched the wall. All of the sudden I started rubbing my friend against the corner, and sounds began to come out of my mouth; I didn’t know if “stop” was good, or bad. And then I felt “something” down there. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t refreshing. It just came out, withouth screaming or anything.

But at least now I didn’t have the urge of doing something bigger, and worse. So I just continue excercising. It has been a week since last time, so I think I’m getting better. I know I faled today, but I was going to stop before reaching the top of the mountain, I just didn’t feel it coming.

Anyway, next time (Friday maybe), I’ll probably talk about Tumblr and its effects on me: fanart, fanfiction, ships, etc.
Just so you know, I have another blog, in which I wrote the fictional life of a teenager named Dan. It’s called “If I Had A Life”, or for the Spanish version “Si Tuviese Una Vida”

info, ups

Playing like a boy

Hello! In this post I’m going to continue with the explanation of this blog and I’ll tell you a little bit more about my life. If you’re new here, I’m a male 17-year-old that will talk about his “mistakes” as a teenager.

As I said (wrote) yesterday, you’ll see a lot of euphemisms in this blog. For example, “playing with myself”, which I don’t I have to explain. If it sounds weird to you, it’s OK, I totally understand; but that’s what this blog will be about: my mistakes as a male teenager. And you might think that PWM is not bad at all, it helps you relax, burn calories, and feel “happy”. But I’m a very religious guy (or I’m trying to be), and my little friend down there is not helping. And yes I understand that masturbation is not 100% wrong and it’s very natural for a teenager to do it; but what I don’t like, oder that being consider a sin by my culture, is that, even when you want to stop, you can’t. You think to yourself “it’s gonna be OK”, that you’re just daydreaming, that it would be just for a few seconds, and the it happens. You feel excitement running through your body, you feel good with yourself, you feel like a bad boy, and then you reach the top of the mountain, there’s pain, and something sticky is coming out of you.

You make you believe that it’s fine, it’s totally normal, it happens to everybody. You say to yourself that this would be your last, that next time would be different, but it’s the same song playing on repeat. You try to stop it, but it’s harder after each time. The first game is full of pain and shame, but you start to like it and you get used to it. Until one day the pains disappear, you feel released, and not a little bit ashamed. Now you think that from now on, it would always be like this: happiness. So try it the next day, daydreaming and fantasizing about the same thing you did yesterday, you sut the windows, everything is dark, you lay on you bed, laying in your stomach, so could feel this better. So you start, you go, you run, you feel it coming, it’s here, it’s near, oh, you like it, yeah, it’s happening; but something inside you tells you to stop, that that’s wrong, and you start to think, when you’re supposed to let it go. You want to stop, you’revfreaking out, but it’s too late, it’s too close. And you feel it leave your body, with a silent scream of pain, with a broken hope of happiness.

Again, I’m sorry if you don’t like what I’m saying, but it’s just something that I’m tired of doing and I need to take it out of me. This blog is my new way of stoping it from happening again. I hope it could help you as much as I hope it would help me.

If you have any questions or opinion, you could leave a comment. I will totally appreciate it!


Trying To Be Gooder

Hi, I’m E. P. Richardson and yes, tryingtobebetter.wordpress. com was already taken! With this blog, I’m going to try to explain some of my im-not-proud-at-all experiences as a teenager. And although I’m 17 (still a teenager), I decided to write this blog in a way that I could help myself and improve as a person, and I hope I could do the same to you!

As any teenager, I have been through some “difficult” times, in which I’ve felt alone and/or depressed. To compensate the loneliness, I’ve done things which I now regret. I don’t want to create a site full of euphemisms, but some of the stories or situations I will tell you are not at all “pretty”, so you will see them quite often.

I sincerely hope you could learn something with this blog and that you find it interesting.